Daniele Martignoni was born in Carpi, Italy in 1978.
From 2001 to 2005 he attended Maestro Giuliano Ziveri‘s course in visual arts in Parma. Back then he started to combine artistic research and social studies, as he also studied political science at the university of Parma from which he graduated in 2005.
In 2006 he moved to Paris to dedicate himself entirely to art where the figurative representation of the human being through the technique of drawing and oil becomes his artistic mark. During this time he he has personal exhibitions and participates in competitions, receiving consents both in Italy and in France.
In 2013 starts his new artistic research in the field of digital art. 
Since 2015 Martignoni is part of Anthroposs cultural movement, which he co-founded with the artists Marzadro Flavio and Dario Imbò.
In 2016 he joined the aritistic collective 59Rivoli in Paris.
In 2017 Martignoni is part of an exposition at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. Martignoni also shares a space in the center of Paris –  with the artists Dario Imbò and Guilio Conti – dedicated to develop their artistic research. The same year, he meets the young art-curator Flavia Rovetta who takes care of his critics.
In 2018 begins a collaboration with the parisian gallery Maitre Albert with which will be organise a personal exhibition in the coming months.

Permanenent Collections

Fondation BERTAZZONI Suzzara (MN), Italie
City of Reggiolo (RE), Italie


2016 Arcadis - Realisation Project 1 - 2
2015 Guappecarto' - Realisation poster Luna di giorno 
2013 L’Occitan en Provence – Realisation painting Crème Amande – (Zurich CH)


Digital Interferences - Interview with Daniele Martignoni by Flavia Rovetta - Paris (FR), 11/2017;
Biennale premio Artemisia 2012 -
Editions Artemisia, Falconara Marittima (IT) 2012;
Arte in Arti e Mestieri 2011 - Editions Fondation Bertazzoni, Suzzara (IT) 2011;
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Arte in Arti e Mestieri 2010 - Editions Fondation Bertazzoni, Suzzara (IT), 2010.